Katie Logan


Katie Logan graduated from Boston University with a B.A. in Psychology and a minor in Dance Performance. Throughout college she was a member of Boston University’s Dance Theatre Group under the direction of Micki Taylor-Pinney. Since then, she has performed with several companies in the Greater Boston area, including Nozama Dance Collective (2016-present), Paradise Moves (2017-present), Onstage Repertory (2017-2018), and Kelley Donovan and Dancers (2018). An up-and-coming choreographer, Katie creates authentic works that showcase each dancer’s agility and individuality. She works from emotion toward physical expression to develop movement that blends across a variety of genres. Her recent pieces include Givers of Light (Uplift, Nozama Dance Collective, August 2019), Reflection (Onstage Residency, Fall 2018), Patience (Green Street Studios Community Showcase, Spring 2016), Intrusions, Retrospections, and brokenfixingbroken (Dance Theatre Group, 2014-2016).

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