Dana Lee Alsamsam


Dana Lee Alsamsam a new Nozama Dance Collective company member, found her voice in her high school’s modern dance program through improvisation, process-based creation and her instructors Margi Cole and Erin Jaffe. During her time at DePaul University, Dana was president of DePaul Dance Company, creating many new works and artistic directing shows at various venues in Chicago. She had the honor of performing modern dance to live music in Lin Kahn’s MusicDance Ensemble, collaborating with Miriam Engel of Jerusalem’s Angela Dance Company as a soloist in a new work, performing with Ascendence Dance Chicago as a company member, performing in in a new work by Oscar Ramos of Batsheva Dance Company in a DanceWorks Chicago training program, and recently, becoming involved with InEdit, an improvisation-based company. Dana has also guest choreographed at Vernon Hills High School and choreographed, directed and performed her first evening length work with Moon Water Dance Project entitled, 22, A Million.

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